Vintouch is an Italian jewelry brand that celebrates the heritage of craftsmanship and design defining the tradition of Made In Italy worldwide.  

'We believe that jewelry is a way to connect with other people through joy and beauty, and must be masterfully handcrafted to last in time.

Based in Torre del Greco, Naples - the homeland of coral and cameo jewelry manufacturing - Vintouch collections focus on a contemporary approach to classic jewelry design through the use of high-quality raw materials and traditional techniques that are passed down from father to son.
Each piece is individually handmade in our own workshops, mainly using the bezel-set technique, which consists in wrapping the stones in precious metal so that it's securely fastened into place. 

Founded in 2015, the brand is constantly committed to strike a balance between design and manufacturing excellence, creating jewelry pieces that are aimed to those who aspire to express a style that lasts in time, with a major focus on ethical sourcing of the raw materials and pursuing environmental sustainability during each step of the manufacturing process. 

About the Designer

Founder Alessandro Ricevuto got the passion for jewelry running in his blood, growing up in his father's jewelry workshops where he has got in touch with the magical charm of traditional goldsmith techniques since a kid, keeping alive his family jewelry business that dates back to 1951.

A lifelong traveler, Alessandro's deep passion for Art in all of its expressions - historical art, visual design and music above all - forms the inspiration of each of the brand's pieces, including the iconic hand-carved from porcelain cameos.  

Maniacally curated in even their smallest details, Alessandro designs to create small mementos for the Women and the Men whose style and identity is inevitably their own.