Athena Medallion Necklace


'But my heart breaks for Odysseus, that seasoned veteran cursed by fate so long, far from his loved ones still, he suffers torments.'

The 'Athena' medallion is cast from 18-karat gold-plated silver with an antique coin depicting Greek goddess Athena which has been modified by hand-setting an intricate design of silver ribbons in order to obtain a style that's truly unique. Just like the Goddess protected Odysseus from afar in the Odyssey poem, gift someone you love with this necklace as a sign of perpetual protection. 

18k Yellow Gold Over Sterling Silver (1 Micron thickness). An additional layer of palladium plating is applied to protect gold from the natural oxidation of silver.
6 mm. Freshwater Nucleated Pearls

    Chain Length: 46 cm. + 5 cm. / 18'' + 2'' 
    Athena Medallion: 0.3 cm. 

    Handmade in Italy

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